Traduction not working

I’m trying to translate a page English to French but this function does not work.
My brave browser is up to date, I even downloaded the “G Translate” extension which doesn’t work either.

I have looked on the forum, but the topics on this topic don’t seem to have the same problem.
Is this problem known and is there a solution?

I’m on Mac OsX Catalina up to date.
My brave browser is up to date too. [Version 1.3.115]

Thanks for your attention.

Thank you for reaching out. Can you share with me the exact page(s) you’re trying to translate so that I can test the function on my end?

I found the solution.
In the options of the extension G Translation, just select the option “when you click on the extension”.

Thank you for your answer
I hope this post will help other Brave users.

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Great sleuthing! :tada:
Glad you got that worked out. Now that it’s marked Solved it’ll appear in the Solved section at the top of the forum for other users to view.