Trackpad pinch-to-zoom no longer working after 0.24.0 update

I just updated to Brave 0.24.0 on an iMac running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I use an Apple Bluetooth trackpad and often pinch to zoom in on webpages. This function has always worked as intended since I started using Brave a few months ago. But after the update, it no longer works.

If I try to pinch to zoom on any webpage, no zoom action occurs. The same zoom function is working in Safari.

I raised and lowered the Default Zoom Level in Brave general settings but that made no difference. I closed all applications and restarted the computer but the zoom function still isn’t working within Brave.

Hi @shawn,

Thanks for the report! Really appreciate you taking the time and bringing this issue up. I managed to reproduce the same issue on my MBP and created the following issue:

I’ve also notified and let the team now about the above regression.