Tracking Cursor Accessibility Feature

Dear Brave Community,

Can you tell me, I am using a Screen Magnifier to Zoom into the content on my PC when i am using Brave. It is called Glass Brick and is really an excellent magnifier.

It has a “Tracking Cursor” feature. It is used for when you are “Typing” text into a text field say like an email, or FB Post, or Google Search etc. Usually when the magnifier is zoomed in say 6x magnification, as i type the cursor will stay in the center of the screen so you can stay focused on what you are typing.

In the Brave Browser however, this “Tracking” feature doesn’t work and as i type my cursor goes off the zoomed area and I have to keep adjusting the position of the “Mouse Pointer” to bring the cursor back into view. Very time consuming and not practicable at all.

The Tracking feature works in Firefox, Chrome, IE etc. Do you have any idea why the Tracking wouldn’t work in Brave?

I’d really like to promote Brave to many of my fellow Vision Impaired followers but Tracking is a must when using a magnifier.

Thanks for your help

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