TouchVPN extension not working on Brave V1.10.93

The auto protect websites function of this extension is not working.

I used it before on Chrome and it worked just fine. Now I have the same settings and it is not working. When I open a website I want to autoprotect, it doesn’t open.

I’m trying to access, which is blocked in my region (Russia). When I try opening it, the website simply doesn’t load and TouchVPN’s icon remains grey, effectively not being activated. The VPN works if manually activated, and the icon turns on green, after this I can access the website normally, and if I turn off the VPN while being on the website I want to autoprotect after it is loaded, then the icon becomes blue (as if it is being protected). After this, when I try to reload the website or use it, it doesn’t work, showing that the automatic protection is not working.

Also, the auto-protect is not working after cleaning all the browsing data and even in incognito mode only with TouchVPN activated.

Also 2, if I turn on Brave’s shield, TouchVPN’s icon turns on blue when I try to access it, but the page still doesn’t load. If Brave’s shield is on the icon remains gray but still it doesn’t work (I.E. the connection is not being channeled through the VPN I guess). I have not been able to reproduce this last step.

Please let me know if I can add more information to this, but you should be able to install the extension and reproduce this error by trying auto protecting a website (I.E. that the connetion is channeled automatically when you access that website and only in that website instead of in the whole browser).

Also, I got in touch with TouchVPN’s team more than a week ago about this but they didn’t reach back.

I just tested this, connected to Germany via TouchVPN, then also loaded protonmail. Seems to load fine here, could’ve been an issue with the vpn?

No, the VPN works properly. The auto-protection feature doesn’t work.
Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t receive any notifications.

Download the TouchVPN extension, go to the menu on the top left corner, add any website to the auto-protect list (which should automatically activate the VPN for the website listed). Open the website, the VPN will not be activated.

The VPN itself works if you turn it on manually, but the automatic VPN tunelling doesn’t work.

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try use hola is work

if not work also use ff and hola for get connect to protonvpn and more again easy use brave when get connect and set proton.

I don’t want to use whole browser tunneling, I just want ProtonVPN to be automatically protected when i enter the website-

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