Touchpad scrolling crash on Macbook Air



Periodically the tab closes as I begin scrolling on a page using the touchpad. This happens after I have been on the page for a while. Tab disappears without an entry on History menu. Seen it happen on different sites. Since I use Brave as default browser, I run into it at least once a day. I am running Sierra 10.12.5 on Macbook Air. Happy to send more info if that will help.


Hi @nirajagarwal,

Thanks for reporting. Can you tell what Brave version are you on? You can go to about:brave and copy-paste info from there.

cc: @sriram or @LaurenWags


Brave 0.16.9

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Hi @nirajagarwal

Could you clarify for me when you say [quote=“nirajagarwal, post:1, topic:4149”]
This happens after I have been on the page for a while.

Do you mean that tab has been open in the background while you do other work/browsing on Brave? Or do you mean you opened the tab and minimized Brave to do other work on your machine? Or something else?



@LaurenWags Normally this happens while the page has been in the foreground and I start scrolling again. By “a while” I meant a few seconds :slight_smile: of say reading the first screenful.


Hi @nirajagarwal

I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, so I was wondering if you have updated to 0.17.13 yet and if it was happening for you on this version (since mine did update). Could you please let me know when you have a moment? Thanks!



@ LaurenWags Will let you know if I still run into the scrolling bug over the next day or two with the update. Thanks.

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