I still assume this is a help forum. But I’ve received zilch. Completely ignored.
DETAILS posted yet again:

  1. My Brave uses multiple devices. All are synced together and all appear on sync page.
  2. Wallets are verified, I think. There are too many names for the same action and it’s very confusing.
  3. Windows 10: No problems: account linked to Gemini and BAT linked to Gemini. Verification and Gemini was different for Windows and for Samsung/Android. My Windows BAT is fine. My Android BAT is missing.
  4. Android: Samsung A50: I keep Brave version up-to-date; current version is 1.37.112. OpSystem: Android: 11, Chromium 100.0.4896.79. Build/RP1A.200720.012
  5. VPN: sometimes, but often not. I use Bitdefender and it been great for years. Never a problem. But I do have Bitdefender VPN, but don’t often use it all the time.
  6. Supported region? Yes, I think. Illinois.
  7. Device pass safetynettest? Yes: "Play protect certification is "certified."
  8. Turned off Auto-contribute? Yes, but I’ve never used Uphold.
  9. THE PROBLEM: On Android Samsung phone, I had 23 BAT, collected since I started using BRAVE, a year or so ago. I tried, but couldn’t move it because, at the time, Brave didn’t link to Gemini on phone.
  10. Receive payments: yes. Both Windows and Android made payments but they wouldn’t sync and I wasn’t allowed/able to put Android BAT into my Gemini account once I was able to develop one. My Windows BAT is on Gemini.
  11. On March 19, 2022, Verizon sent new Sim card and phone reset. Now this same phone shows two identical Sync account names both of which appear on my sync list and each has its own date. But the 23 BAT has disappeared, even though it’s the same phone with same name. Now, both my SM accounts show but with different dates. Both show on my Brave sync settings. QUESTION: Where is the 23 BAT from the older date (3 weeks ago)?
  12. The newer Android date shows zero/$.0.00 BAT.
  13. I have been searching for what to do. I haven’t done anything because I’m afraid I will lose all 23 BAT. And now my phone links to Gemini, but I don’t have the 23 BAT to transfer in.

QUESTION: Where did the 23 BAT on my phone disappear to? Can I get it back?

It is a help forum, but that’s not guaranteed for Brave staff to see and respond to any Topic. The guaranteed way to get help from staff is to create a Support Ticket by completing the form at

Well, either you’re failing to keep it updated or you just did a copy/paste and didn’t think to change the version number here. The current version for Android is 1.39.115

Well, if you don’t know, then we’re not really going to be able to tell you. Easy way to know is to open Brave Rewards and see if it says Verified or Unverified on top of the little square that shows your balance and all.

Not sure what you mean by that. Connecting to them is the same regardless of device overall. You go to Rewards, click on Unverified and then choose to Connect or Log In. Once you log in, it should connect your browser to it and then you’ll see it say Verified.

When? How much? If it was when you first connected, they would have zeroed out on your browser but then should have appeared in Gemini,

That could result in your account getting flagged. But if you go to Verify it should let you know about that. And if flagged, you wouldn’t earn BAT and it wouldn’t be sent to Uphold/Gemini.

Okay? But you can connect it now, so not sure what this has to do with anything?

Anything sitting in your browser and not sent to Gemini would have been lost when you reset your phone.

Correct, as each time you reset your phone or reinstall the browser, it becomes a “unique device.” Each browser has its own special encryption code. So one of those is your “old device” on the sync chain and the one is your “new device,” even though they are the same, they aren’t…

My ride just got here, so I can’t finish typing out anything more. I would recommend you read through my FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Thank you. And yes, not expecting any reply to this post, as I received no answer to the first three, I didn’t update info in this latest attempt. Nor did I understand I was to begin a new ticket so that’s why there was no ticket. When I first wrote, Oct 2021, I searched for how to begin and saw no such info regarding tickets. This knowledge is not posted clearly. Receiving no reply, I posted a second and third time: April 18 and 22, 2022. And again today.

Current versions: desktop: Version 1.39.111 and mobile is 1.39.115.

Before I cut to the true question, let me respond to the verification question. Yes, my desktop account is verified. I also believe it was verified on my mobile. I also mentioned this in the above post. But again, it’s relevant that the rules for desktop and mobile are not the same. As my problem involves BAT missing from mobile, since the Sim was replaced, I haven’t verified the mobile this time because I was afraid doing so might delete the 23 BAT which was on it. Whether or not this makes sense, I don’t know. But I couldn’t find any info or help to find this answer. So, I was totally on my own and made a decision to not verify until I could get the answer to the question of the missing 23 BAT.

Here’s the bottom line question: When I started with this problem was March/April 2022. At that time, Brave had no Gemini connection so I couldn’t open or transfer to Gemini. I did open Gemini on desktop and transferred from there. But at that time, Brave mobile had no way to transfer BAT out. My mobile had 23 BAT saved, 4 or 5 times more than desktop. When Verizon Sim card upgrade happened, I wasn’t aware it would reset Brave rewards. Was this a dumb mistake? Maybe. But why would I know this? I’m not a hi-tech expert, just a user. Now, as you understood, I have two mobile accounts showing on my sync chain. So, I haven’t verified thinking it might delete the older mobile number. I understand the word “sync” to mean synchronization, as in shared. That is the clear definition of the word “sync.”
My main question remains: where did the 23 BAT disappear to? Does “sync” mean this information is stored somewhere and can be identified? Can I get them back? If not, then I’m being blamed for not understanding rules which were not explained to me in the first place. That’s the issue.

Please understand, this is not about you. personally. I greatly appreciate your answering my latest attempt at me figuring out what happened. In my job, however, I make sure my clients understand something so that mistakes like this don’t happen to them. It makes no sense to blame my client for not knowing something they have no reason to know. Here, Brave offered a product and now I’m being blamed for not knowing this “secret” that mobile and desktop are so different that “sync” doesn’t really mean synchronized.

Here’s what I’m now asking: does my experience here make sense? All I’m seeking is the 23 BAT which were there and then disappeared. Are they still accessible? Do they exist in some version of the sync chain of information? And, most importantly, is there any way of retrieving them or any recourse for what happened to them?
Thank you again for your time.

Please take a look at the DM I just sent you and we can continue this conversation there.

I guess I disagree there. They have help articles and FAQ, such as everything at

The support articles cover a lot of information and help. But then I also had created the FAQ which Brave had pinned here on the forums, for anyone who took the time to open Rewards Support portion of Brave Rewards. That’s what I linked you to on the bottom of my last post. It actually covered a lot of that information as well.

Yet when speaking of official FAQ, on of the things was in regards to Sync:

Why can’t I Sync my Rewards data using Brave Sync?
The Brave Sync team first focused on providing all of the popular sync data types that users have come to depend on, e.g. bookmarks, passwords, history, etc. The Brave team is working next on syncing rewards data. More to come soon!

So that would tell you that you can’t sync Rewards and that it ONLY does passwords, history, and bookmarks.

I know you’re saying that there were a lot of assumptions made and you didn’t take the time to read all the guides. And it can be argued that perhaps Brave should or could add a very detailed tutorial to all who install the browser. But with all things, User Manuals often are included but it’s up to the User to take the time to read it.

It sounds like Mattches has reached out to you and is going to see about helping. If you did a factory restore of your phone and it wasn’t connected to Gemini, then traditionally you’d have lost everything on your phone. This is because it doesn’t back-up BAT on any servers. It stays on your device. The only time it moves away from your device is if you’re connected to Gemini or Uphold.

Right, so at that time you were stuck either having to connect it to Uphold or to keep on your device and hope you didn’t lose it.

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