Total White Out



Brave has stopped working. Every time I open it I get a completely white screen.

I have uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it. All I get is a white screen.

I like this program and want to continue using it. But this is a big problem.

Also I found it very hard to find either in search engines or your website how to get to this page. You might want to think about creating a button that makes this easier. Perhaps in the giant FAQ you have going on.




Strange. I had this happen last evening but only transiently. After a failed install of a Malwarebytes update, I uninstalled MWB using IoBit Uninstaller. I launched Brave to go get a new installer and initially I got a transparent window with just shadows. I closed & relaunched Brave and got the blank white screen you describe. Same result several close/relaunch cycles. Use a different browser to get the MWB installer, installed MWB & after a required reboot, Brave has been working normally again. Doesn’t make sense one would have anything to do with the other but that’s how it went down here.


Could you try the steps mentioned here and check if the issue is resolved


Just added the -gpu disabled line and still getting a blank screen.



@Karantov Do you see any errors in the console when you see white blank screen. You can check the console by opening the developer tools ( F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I). Once you open developer tools if you see any errors in console please take a snapshot of it and share


I minimized it and have hit both commands multiple times. I have no results. I have tried changing compatiblity as well. Still white screen.


Hello, Has anyone found a fix for this whiteout? I have the same issue. I reinstalled the program and still all white screen. My computer is a windows 10 machine laptop.


@linkers03 What version of brave are you experiencing this issue?


It eventually just started working for me again,


Thanks for confirmation.Will be closing this thread. Do open a new thread if you face the issue again

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