Torrenting within Brave? Is this new? Is it safe?

So I noticed something that surprised me.

Brave can download Torrent files (or Magnets) straight in the browser.

Curious about this: is this something new? Or does is pack some sort of client to within the browser?

Does this makes it safer than a stand-alone program (like, let’s say, QBtorrent)? Or it can’t replace a full program?

Just curious I guess. It’s very cool.

While not as feature-full as a stand alone torrent application, it has its place. Really handy to grab a file on the fly without needing to install another application.

If you’re a heavy user of torrents, then a stand-alone torrent application might be better suited. But to answer your question is it safe. 110% yes.

it’s safe if you have a vpn installed in the browser or on the system itself.

what makes you say that? just curious.

again vpn’s ARE your friend.

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