Torrent movie streaming not working since brave update

since last brave pdate it is not longer possible to stream torrents. streaming used to open automatically after pressing on the torrent download after selecting the torrent from wherever online. .
now it takes you to a folder asking where you want to download the torrent into…

No more streaming directly form the web-.
i only went with brave because of its torrent streaming abilities. why did you remove this?
i have it on 2 macs and in the old version it streams torrents the same way it used to.
sadly i updated it exactly on my media pc and have been wasting hours trying to get back a feature that worked flawlessly but is now gone after update.
was that on purpose or did someone mess up?

please bring back the torrent streaming feature . this is what brought lots of people to brave . intelligent soutions like direct toorent streaming built in

Bat even though i love the idea .


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