Tor Window Problem

…As usual, Tor window REFUSES to keep my history. Obviously a huge problem!! If Brave is so “special” or “easy to use” protection without set-up and unreasonable delays and several years of research, then why can I STILL not use Tor, even when using Brave? Browsing history is a LOCAL data store, and zero people use Tor to prevent their co-worker from seeing their Internet history. It is absolutely vital to have Tor or similar protection be available “even” to users who actually want to be able to apply for that job, get paid for that work they recently completed, or know to go to that service agency they just found out about after looking for 10 years, rather then having this information constantly deleted merely because the browser closed, computer froze, power went out, restore data was randomly corrupted for no reason, or whatever other random reason you somehow think it is “acceptable” to DEMAND to delete all of my most important information, rather then let the user choose. VPNs and distribution do not somehow require not having any important information available on your own computer.