Tor window makes Brave laggy


Whenever I open a new Tor Window, Brave starts to behave laggy, both in normal window and Tor. It only happens if I open a Tor window

This happened after the update.

Current version: 0.55.14
OS: Manjaro Linux


@prinzvonlicht, thanks for letting us know. I cannot reproduce, however. I read your message the opened a tor window and hopped around the internet for a bit. Everything seems okay, except for the expected time-to-time sluggishness.

I’ll see if anyone knows anything about this. Maybe ping @hello as well? He has a Manjaro machine as well - could ask if he also experiences slowdown with tor window open.


Thanks for the response. I’ll also try building brave-core to test if this is related to brave or the AUR package itself.


I’m gonna leave this open for now, curious about how it goes. Let me know!


@Mattches thanks for tagging me.

Just tested it, and have the same issue unfortunately, both in normal window and tor window.

It’s almost as if the normal window is being routed through tor when the tor window is open.


Apparently update 0.56.15 solved this issue. Thank you.
@hello @Mattches


@hello, can you confirm?


@Mattches @prinzvonlicht looks fixed for me right now. Version 0.57.7


Im going to go ahead and close this thread then. Thank you both for helping out!