Tor window feedback


While I’d still prefer a reinclusion of the Private and Tor tabs along with windows, I have some feedback about the Tor window itself.

1: It should have it’s own shield settings. Different global and per-site shield settings that begin on the maximum security settings. Cookies blocked, All scripts blocked, all ads and tracking blocked, etc. Since the brave shield settings can be configurable on a per-site basis, it will all be good.

2: The Icon in your window is identical to the original one image

I think the Icon should be changed to something like this: image or maybe something like a purple lion with the word Tor.

3: In private windows, this is what the explanation of tor looks like

I think there should be a button called “Switch to Tor!” that when clicked, closes the incognito window and creates a Tor one. On the startup for private windows.

Or something

have a good day

Features from old Brave

Thanks for the feedback @nematod,

cc @rossmoody from the product team.


Also, is there a way to put your bookmarks back in?

for Tor


Yes, please restore Private/Tor tabs.


Hiyah all. Ross from Product here.

Good points across the board and you are actually calling out some updates that couldn’t make the most recent release but were spec’d. In particular the ability to open a Private Window with Tor from a Private Window (bummer). These are technical/time constraints we’re battling with at this point. Only so many people and and a mountain of code. Additionally we are currently treating a Private Window with Tor as a secure session window outside your normal browsing tab realm but that’s not to say that we won’t adopt a version of what’s being suggested above where it’s more of an additional Tor layer of security you apply to a private window instead of a new window entirely.

Specifically though, Bookmark functionality in a Tor window: seems like an unintended side effect that bookmarks aren’t accessible (again, this is literally the first week we pushed them even being available) and when I get more info on that I will either file an issue or provide the justification for why they aren’t.

@nematod @shwnblr @eljuno Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to give it.

Open Private Tabs In Same Window As Normal Tabs
Please reinstate some of the features that were used in Brave Muon
Tabs Below Address Bar

Thanks for the post. Good luck and keep us posted on those bookmarks!