Tor support for better privacy


It will be great if brave browser can be used with tor


I have used it a year ago and I remember it has worked with LinkBubble, which was replaced with the current Brave browser.

Would you mind letting me know if you tried Orbot with Brave browser and had an issue, or if it is a suggestion? Best,


How you used linkbubble with orbot ? Using vpn option in the orbot app ?

There are 2 ways to use orbot ;
1 is by activating vpn of orbot from the settings of orbot app.
2 method is by setting up the browser to support orbot proxy . For this method brave has no option for it.

And I don’t like to use vpn method of orbot because iam using an adblocker at uses vpn to work .

For example see lightning browser it has an option to set the browser work with orbot without vpn method


I just installed Orbot and tried via Apps VPN mode (which is the 1st option), and it does not work.

CC @serg for investigation.


I have tried vpn method and it’s working on brave. I will tell you how to configure

Open orbot and enable vpn mode
Then go to orbot settings there will be an option called ‘select app’ from that option choose brave.
Then press back to the main page of orbot and click browse option and select brave browser .
Then it will check orbot support of brave .

The feature request i created is not related to vpn method of orbot/tor . I need the 2nd method . For that method the browser needs and option to choose orbot proxy like lightning browser, Above i have attached the settings page screenshot of lightning browser . Hope you guys understand.


@jerryn70 does it work with Chrome?


No because chrome has no option for that.

I think you guys didn’t understand what iam saying.

Can i create a github issue ? So that I can tag a developer of the tor/orbot project and you guys can discuss, that will help you to understand what iam trying to .
Or just look at this Firefox focus github issue regarding the same idea of mine


@jerryn70 I don’t if this helps but as you can see in the Github page a similar request of the kind has been made and it’s to my understanding that it is their intention to implement such a feature within Brave. I also made a similar request over here - Toration of Brave vice versa with not much understanding.

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