Tor Private Tab still tracks you

Try it, the websites will still have all your data when you return :wink:
Hahaha nice job guys, I’m big fan of brave now

Yes, go tell me that I should go to Brave Shields and change ‘3rd party cookies blocked’ to’All cookies blocked’ … May be same with device recognition?
It is Tor window we are talking about, obviously data should not be stored by default in the first place!
Technically google is also not violating your privacy because they say “user can change settings”. Please don’t become google (that fast), tune things to work as intended without passing ball to users. Tor window should not let websites gather any data. Period.

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Thanks for reaching out @Random_guy.

I believe that Private Window and Private Window with Tor will “forget” about you when you close the window. Not the tab.

If you close the window and the site/s still know about you, then there’s an issue about that.

cc @Mattches @sriram

That depends on what data you’re talking about. Is it user input on the site? These are stored by the site even if you use the Tor tab. This is also normal, because the page doesn’t know that you have a Tor tab.

You can compare it by posting a status with a Tor tab on Facebook. Did you expect Facebook to delete the status after closing the Tor tab?

No offence but your message is too vague. If you can add exact steps you did which showed that Tor tabs are tracking you that would be helpful for us to see whats going on and if it is indeed a bug then we can have it fixed.

Saying My browser crashed without adding details will be extremely difficult to understand and everyone would think in their own way as to what might have caused the crashed. I went to this site and it crashed every time makes it more easy for us to find whats causing the crash.

Please add enough info so that we can verify it on our end and fix any potential issue.


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