Tor Integration For Android & iOS browsers



So yesterday I came across the announcement made by brave team about Tor integration in Brave for desktops [which is currently in beta stage as of 3rd July 2018] and I’m really happy as well as appreciative to see how far brave has come.
I was wondering, will there be Tor integration in brave for Android & iOS too?
I’m pretty sure users would ABSOLUTELY LOVE An option to enable/disable Tor from brave itself on Android & iOS platforms without requiring third party application like Orbot.
However the main question is, are the devs considering integrating Tor on mobile platforms in near future? And as of now, are there any plans to do so?

Thank You For The Attention.


The team is looking for volunteers to help with Tor integration on Android and IOS.


I’m pretty sure if Devs would publish an official announcement on the community, there would be hundreds of people happily willing to participate. People just like me are not aware about the situation or what’s next.

Thank you for clarifying. I would be more than happy to help.



Yes for Android and iOS, as confirmed here by the official Brave Twitter:


Great! Would Love To Help As A User! :smile: