Tor close to unusable without user-specified bridges


I’m currently considering making Brave my default browser on Linux, mostly, because google-chrome-stable has massive display corruption issues after resuming from suspend. I also fancy the ad model it eschews.

The Tor Private Window is made almost unusable thanks to HCaptcha systems by Cloudflare since it defaults to whichever Exit Relay is handed out by Tor.

This is trivial for users to work around and have a pleasant private tor browsing experience by simply hosting their own bridge.

I found Tor bridges support and and am trying to understand if it is really the amount of development hours that is preventing adding an option so users can specify their own Tor Bridge for Brave’s Tor Private Window or just a lack of interest.

Please do consider adding this feature in 2020, the current workaround is to use a proxy extension that is enabled during private browsing mode which increases the attack surface.