Tor browser wallet

Hi. I cannot find an option to turn on new wallet in private tor window. Is it hidden somewhere or just not available yet? I use one dapp available only via tor so this became little problematic.

Hmmm. Unrelated to your question, have you also done trade via IPFS. I believe beefy(dot)finance has a toggle to deploy on ipfs. Also, do you find it not that hard to do trade via tor. Do you find it safe to do trades over tor considering a lot of black hat guys are posing as tor nodes for cryptocurrency “hacks”.

Looks like it’s not possible for now per


To be honest I haven’t trade on Tor or IPFS yet. I just have this one dapp which I trust 100%. They are building futures and information market. It is not operational yet but definitely will be. Some info if you would like to check But I agree that latest news about tor can be a concern if you use the network.

I suppose patience we need :slight_smile: Thanks.

Confirming it’s disabled in private and Tor windows right now. That’s because it wouldn’t route things through Tor yet, so we don’t want to mislead people.


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