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Why cant i create referral link while already puslisher.Please help me!

Can you provide a bit more info?
A screenshot would be fine!

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After I send the pushlisher link and register to enter … the following picture is attached, I can’t click or find the introductory link as instructional clips … help me, thanks.

Việt Nam bị cấm rồi nhé.

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Sao the ban? Minh ko nghe thong tin ay…That ko ban? Tkanks!

The VN ko gui link moi duoc thi minh dung Brave ko moi van cos tien su dung ung dung Brave chu ban?

Do you live in Vietnam?
If so, read this please.

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If I am banned from opening the Brave referral link, then I get a fee for using the browser when using Brave, the fee for the first time browsing, the fee for viewing ads. Please answer me, thank you!

Well that is OK when you have a reference to other internet browsers with the same security aspect. Oh, there is none? What a pitty! Just to say it, if you read the article i’ve mentioned, it says, that all this is temporary because of fraudulent behavior in these countries. Brave imo, need to sort out the trash from the good. Btw. You did not pay a cent to get the browser but you can always use all the benefits it has.

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