"Top Sites" Request

first experience with Brave and so far love the speed…

Request… Add more “Top sites” like 3 rows of 5 and the ability to customize ie add / edit wed addresses not frequently visited sites… Please ! :slight_smile:

Also noticed Top Sites are duplicating


That’s an old dream of all of us here…


This sounds great! But it’s been years now and still no good updates on the “top sites” topic, sadly :frowning:

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Welp, that’s why i created an account, to ask for a speed dial but it seems the devs know we want one and won’t give it to us.

I’ll stick with vivalvidi then.

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it would be a good feature

This feature has arrived on Brave nightly for desktop. I’m not sure how many maximum top sites but we can edit/keep our preferred sites.

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And that was my first or second post in this community asking for a feature to bring a Firefox or Opera like speed dial, or what you call, a “top sites” list in the homepage.
It’s a dream that has never been fulfilled, but as others in this community say, big updates are on the way!

It arrived to Regular Release, up to 12 sites.