Top sites displayed wrong

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Description of the issue:
The top sites are not displayed properly neither in portrait nor landscape mode. I can only see 2 or 3 top sites depending on the mode. You can see more details in the attached screenshots.
How can this issue be reproduced? Brave new tab/window

Expected result:
Expected to see 4 top sites
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Huawei MatePad Pro (MRX-W09) Android 10

Additional Information:
Browser was installed from Aurora Store as this Huawei tablet does not have Google services.
I deleted the app and did a fresh reinstall but it is the same.

Thanks for reaching out.
So something does appear to be wonky here – there should be four top sites shown here. I’m discussing with the Android team on what may be at play here, likely something to do with the screen size detection.

Will reply here with more information as soon as I have it.

Thank you for the reply, do you have any other news?

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