Top sites bug - someone knows how to fix it?

Hey everyone! Days ago I was unabled to edit my top sites, I just couldn’t click on anything.

I thought restarting my computer, unistalling and installing Brave Browser could fix that but nothing worked. My Brave Browser is on the latest version as well.
I recorded a video showing off the problem but since i’m a new member of this community I can’t upload it here. So I uploaded it on my youtube channel.
Here’s the link:

Thanks for your time guys, have a great day!

Well guys, I found a solution by just clicking on SHIFT+TAB to go around the options of the browser itself and yeah, I was able to put some top sites in there. But I still prefer to use my mouse and just click on the options with it.

Brave GitHub issue reports recently opened. No movement, but probably won’t be until after the weekend. Hopefully more information on a fix will be provided.


Will try to get some additional eyes on this — thanks for the heads up. @rubenmfcosta can you confirm what browser version you were on when you encountered this?

I am the same problem with Brave Browser

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