Top-Site icon/favicon disappearing on Brave reboot

Top-Site icon/favicon images disappearing on Brave reboot

I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro (22H2.19045.3996) on my rather old Dell Laptop, and changed some MS/Win configurations for better performance & privacy. I aslo configured my new install of Brave (v1.62.162) to remove some features I don’t use.

I took decent notes along the way and have been trying to figure out why the images work until I reboot Brave and then default to the gray globe icon; both Top-site & Favorites, Shields up or down. I uninstall and reinstalled Brave and it did’t seem to fix it, so I imagine its a Windows setting. I’ve tried changing them, back and forth. But they do work until a browser reboot, so I imaging its a Brave setting…

Everything worked as expected before the Windows reinstall, and Brave works in all other ways. Still a great browser.

Any ideas what the icon images can be tied to?


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