Top Con: Personal Data is Being Sold = Fake News?

There is a website that is saying that Brave Search sells personal data to finance the Brave business. I think that this is false, so I am reporting it to you. Here’s the link:

Neil Howard

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I also think they have put wrong info on the site. Not only for brave search, but for others too, particularly in the con section.

Eg, Searx has
’ Gives censored results
What’s the point of using a SE that still gives you censored results from Google and other major search engines. Look up the word “alternative.” It doesn’t mean relying on a search engine you are trying to get away from, i.e. Google.’

Which is also wrong/false.

For brave, they have listed top pro as ‘private search engine’ while in top con it is completely opposite which does not make any sense.

This particular recommendations seem to be written by anonymous users rather than actual blogger/owners of the site. That is why IMO a lot of info on it quite wrong. So, I don’t think anything can be done about it.

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I’m familiar with that site. A lot of the pros and cons are provided by users of the site, so you need to take them with a grain of salt.

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