đź‘Ť Top 20 Requests wishing to be fulfilled before Jan 10, 2023 (Simple yet Innovative features where there are No Extensions offering this time saving features)

i have noticed i have been keep getting updates even after brave started showing "To get future updates… "message for Win 8.1 so i believe i will get updates until chromium 110 is released.

so after giving a lot of thought, i have decided to continue using win 8.1 even if brave axes support for it… I Simply can’t give up this fastest OS for win 10 or 11

Before getting into my 20 requests, first i’d like to ask you to make the brave shields filter list’s database updates to be independent from the “Brave Browser updates” so that even if the brave browser is not getting “Feature” based updates, shields and its blacklisted trackers, urls will be keep getting blocked using the database updates of shields

1. Easy New tab opener

currently if i had to open link in a new tab, i had to right click and select open link in a new tab, there are also extensions offering double click to open link in a new tab

but i want to make it super easier… holding a link and right swiping it must be equivalent to commanding the link to be opened in a new tab and keep the current tab in focus… while i perform the action of what i do in the above gif, i am leaving the current tab and going to the tab of the link which has been swiped, i want the link to be opened in background not in foreground, the browser should not get me focus to the link which has been swiped right, i should stay in the current tab.

2. Frozen links → Open new tab links as Frozen link

Improvement for the previous 1st request, Sometimes we might open 20 new tab links and wouldn’t check all of it on the same session, some links might be checked after a few days so while the links are getting opened in a new tab, keep that tab link frozen and load the page fully only while that tab gets to focus

3. Link Queuer

Sometimes we need to open 10+ links and opening the links will also end up consuming system resources so just as the above request 1, Now we can left swipe the link to the vertical tabs area to queue it…

Alright , if left swipe feels weird, lets make right swipe more customizable so it works for both…

Now imagine these numbers as “inches”

10 20 30

so if i swipe right like for less than 20 inches from the link position, the link gets opened in a new tab… However, if i swipe for more than 20 inches and drag it all the way to right screen end area, the link should be queued.

to this area

Bookmarks should be treated as favorites where they must be saved to retrieved later, the queued links with a new right “Queue bar” should be treated as “temp worker” where we essentially feel the need to check up those link but they aren’t necessarily that important… the right side placed queue bar should also have “Live synchronization” where as soon as users add a link to the queue bar, brave should create a “hidden bookmarks folder” and store these links as bookmarks temporarily, so its like if a user adds a new link to the Queue bar, the link gets stored (added) in the hidden bookmark folder created by brave and if a user removes the link from queue bar, the brave browser AI will automatically remove the “removed queue link” from that hidden bookmark folder as well.

Users should also have the option to bulk add all of the “Queued links” to either a specific folder or to “other bookmarks” folder

Maybe you can add a option here on the left pane like “Queuing” and offer a setting like

Save queued links to the following Bookmark folder
other bookmarks brave://bookmarks/?id=2 (change button on the right)

Also check this out (as new improved idea has been updated)

4. Startup Behaviour

Add a new setting here called “Startup behavior” by offering two new options called “default” which does what browser currently does and a new option called “Force reload all open tabs”

so if a user selects “Force reload all open tabs”, all of the tabs will be reloaded at startup of brave browser.

Also check this thread

5. Independent “Extensions” zoom setting

For bigger screen displays, this is a much needed feature while we set windows scaling to 100% smaller to bring(see) more details at a time all at once.

so allow us to set custom zoom levels for each and every extension by allowing me to set a zoom level so the new setting here :point_down: would be something like

Zoom Level default (follows browser’s page zoom value as defined on brave://settings/appearance)

there should be a “drop down” arrow on default so while we click that down arrow, we can set custom zoom values ranging from 100% to 300%.

Also See this,

6. Blocking Notification requests

Most websites starts to ask notification request where brave asks “Allow” or “Block”… an option to always block should be added.

7. Notification about Brave sync code change

So it seems like Brave sync code’s last word changes every now and then defeating the purpose of sync in case of BSOD and new OS gets installed and now user dont have the updated code… please give exact date on when a new code will be updated each month or allow me to pair my brave community account to sync, so while a new sync code gets added, brave browser will automatically send the code to my brave community message inbox.

8. CPU TEMP check and Frost AI

Currently if we need to check the CPU temperature, we need a separate app, make browser new tab page to also show my CPU temperature and allow us to froze tabs automatically if CPU temp exceeds 70c or higher (of course we can whitelist sites so they never get frosted)

9. Brave Display control panel.

Ability to reduce brightness, increase contrast, saturation in real time would be great… the changes should also be visible in picture in picture mode… it shouldn’t feel like im inverting colors… We Should be able to save different profiles and people should be able to set the display values to be EITHER Global or for each site to be different values(where they can set a new setting as they wish).

check out this article which i made on vlc forum to know more for why i want a feature like this

10. Bottom download bar customization

currently it shows combo of file size and time left… But i want combo of file size and download speed.

Miscellaneous request that i am wishing that you will fulfill before Jan 10,2023

if you could make my brave browser experience super and save time, Many thanks :heartpulse: :+1:

Also, another request which i forgot to add

Bookmark Assistant → Auto Loading Next-Up Bookmark Link with customization settings for auto loading the bookmark links in a folder

Lets assume “A” as a separate site, “B” as a separate site and “C” as a separate site

so if a bookmark folder tree consists of Bookmarked website link like this

B (auto load)

ok now, if user loads the first link from the website “A” and deletes that 1st bookmarked link from the website “A”, Brave browser should automatically load the url link of the next-up link which i highlighted above as “auto load” where this link is from website “B” as the bookmark folder tree order has been listed, so if that bookmark link from that Website B is deleted, auto load the 3rd link from that bookmark folder which is again from Website A…this cycle should go on and on until all of the bookmark gets deleted…

Two Possible customizations here…

  1. Websites based prioritization… So now let’s go to the “A” “B” “C” websites examples… In the previous illustration, we have seen, if the 1st link of Website A gets removed, the next-up link which is essentially B as seen in the above example tree gets loaded, but this can be customized in this way ->>>>> user prioritizing all of the Website A links to be opened first regardless of the bookmark tree order and once Brave’s Bookmark assistant finishes up auto loading all of the websites links of A, it can move over to the Website B links.

This settings should be something like

Bookmark Assistant (on/off switch)

//the below setting should be greyed out until user turning the Bookmark Assistant to be ON

Bookmarks Assistant’s Next -up Links Auto loading Behaviour default (Follow Bookmark tree order) V

while users click the drop down arrow, there should be an another option for setting up the scenario functionality for the above said example, you can name it as Load corresponding links of the same site to load first

  1. The second possible customization is that, Whether this auto loading should be opened in foreground tab or in the form of loading the next-up link as new tab to the right(background). Should the current tab for which the bookmark has been deleted is meant to be closed automatically after the Next-up link has been automatically loaded in the right tab or not.

This Extension has stopped receiving updates for more than a year

add a feature like this build into the brave browser itself, i get " Failed - Network error" for some of the file downloads while the internet works just fine(as other files which are downloaded in queue together with these failed error ones gets finished downloaded without errors).

You can already do this by clicking a link whilst pressing ctrl (Windows / Linux) or cmd (macOS).

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Why not use middle click?

yes there are total of 4 ways

  1. Double clicker using an extension
  2. middle button
  3. pressing ctrl + mouse click
  4. My Request

The difference between other methods and what i asked is the method which i asked can be done faster, more precise, stylish way of commanding links.

If you’re using mouse alone, you need to give work to your left hand to lift it up and press the ctrl key and also for the middle button, you need to lift finger whereas with swiping links, no special action is done, just swipe it right and its cool to have it in this way.

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