Too much loading. Too much looooooading

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Description of the issue:
Too much loading. My connection is wifi 15mbps but when I open brave or new tab it loads like forever. I run my google chrome browser to see if this problem also happening in chrome but sadl its not. Google Chrome runs smoothly doesnt even loads but Brave? Im really starting to get irritated as I look at loading to finish. Hurts my eyes. Feels like waiting for forever to come.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:
Please solve this.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Up to date
Mobile Device details
Oppo F9
Additional Information:

Can you try clearing your browser cache and check? Also is Sync enabled by any chance?

Where to find sync? I already did cleaning the cache. It somehow return to normal but after a few days it came back then I clean it again but the problem still exist.

You will find sync in settings under Advanced. Did the issue start happening after the recent update?

I really dont know the exact time this happened. Its just gets annoying so I notice it loads too long. Theres no option for sync to enabled or disable. The only thing in there is scan or enter sync code and star new sync chain.

Ok that means sync is not enabled. Do you have Brave Rewards enabled? If so can you try turning it off and see if there is any improvement?

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I just turned it off. It seems it back to normal. I’ll inform you right away if its gone back loading too long. Thanks for this tip.

Well disabling rewards is not the solution. We need to figure out why its slowing down the page load time! Can you try enabling Rewards again and check if the issue happens again? My hunch is the slow down could be due to publisher list being downloaded.

Thats that happen everytime? For me it seems it happens when I first open the browser. For example I used this last night then I sleep and tomorrow after I wake up I’ll open the browser thats when the loading happens. And every after the time I did not use it and open it again for a while the loading happens again. I really dont know why. Can uninstalling help?

Hi. I already tried uninstalling and installing but damn, its still like it. I dont think its because of my internet either coz I have a 15mbps connection. Where is the problem? So annoying.

I’m a little confused – can you confirm for me that disabling Rewards did help the issue, at least temporarily?

I followed the instruction. I turned if off then I close the browser and open it. No problem. Can I send a video here? Let me try recording a video to prove that I really have an issue about the too long loading.

Cant upload attachment. I already make a video that the browser really loads too long. He said turn off the brave rewards. I did do that and restart the phone. After restarting I opened the browser again and it doesnt load too long. Like its usual loading time after that I press home button on my phone. I did not close the browser just press home then go to my games folder and I play. After playing I open the browser again and the loading happens again. Thats what happen. After that I tried uninstalling and install it after 2 days. First after opening it seems normal but after a while after closing it the problem appears again.

@Diy so if I understand correctly, you uninstall and reinstall and then launch without rewards enabled via onboarding does it still slow down? Just to be sure you are downloading Brave via playstore right? and not via any other site

Yea it is and now its worse. Getting tired of it by now tbh.

Everytime. When you open it up or just by changing tabs. It loads like years if youre going to really wait for it. Using chrome yesterday and no problem with the loading. Just to be sure that the problem is not my phone or my connection. Working perfectly fine but here. Getting tired of it.

Another problem has come out just now. The same problem that I reported last time. A redirect to google playstore pop up.

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce the issue on my end. Have tried on multiple devices but still no luck. I don’t see any reason why the browser is slowing down if you don’t have Sync and Rewards enabled. Whats the OS version on your device again?

ColorOS V6.0.1

I also really dont know why the hell its like this. I didnt change anything here.

Might as well uninstall this if its not gonna get fix because there is no reason using it while chrome is working perfectly fine and also this fvk tard redirect pop up came up again. Its like using chrome but with the exception of too much loading. Almost same.