Too many problems with the browser


I dunno, I’ve been using Brave on Windows (desktop rig), Mac (laptop) and Android and I’ve found it pretty darn great for how young it is. But hey it’s all about how you use things.

I use Brave for grad school research, and haven’t run into many problems; however most of my work is with public domain content so I don’t have to deal so often with the horrid EBSCO library sites - which are basically big, enterprise software and the thing is that big, enterprise software is big and slow and was probably originally written for Internet Explorer 6, you know the story.

I do not run into things like lockups and “slow tab switching”; this may have to do with the OP’s system specs, which weren’t posted. I am on a few-years-old MacBook Air and notice no issues, but my use case is simple - I don’t pin tabs and just set it to pick up where I left off.

My feeling is that…

Chrome, Safari and Edge are essentially data mining utilities and corporate advertisement mules. If you’re okay with that, that’s fine, no judgment; I prefer to avoid it if possible.

Opera’s new corporate parents in Qihoo 360 unsettle me a lot; anything connected with China instantly destroys trust with people who favor the free flow of information. On a junior level is Yandex’s browser - again, anything .ru instantly raises trust issues.

Vivaldi seems to have some good ideas but it’s strangely proprietary and as long as it is, it will have a very narrow aperture - moreover, they do not seem to understand the world conducts business on mobile these days. Also, its user community seems to live in a dense cloud of Smug.

Mozilla Foundation/Firefox; well, let’s just say I was pretty disgusted by how they pushed out their CEO just for exercising a First Amendment right.

So where to go? Thank goodness for Brave.


I like where Brave is in terms of development. Brave has been a life-saver on my Android phone and tablet, especially considering the only viable alternatives (Opera and Firefox) suffer from either very poor built-in ad blocker/tracking solutions or offer quite poor performance. Brave for Android offers the perfect alternative to Chrome, offering similar performance with much better security settings.

I do wish Brave did not have so many issues on the desktop though. I primarily use Brave on my MacBook Pro and the battery drain makes it so that I can only consider using it when I am plugged in. I hope that this is looked into so I can switch from Safari/Chrome, but until that time comes I simple cannot make Brave my default. I understand the company and browser is still in its relative infancy, so I will be patient and hope these fixes come sooner rather than later so I can fully make the switch to Brave.


Exactly my same experience and reasons. Brave has been outstanding, for my mundane browsing of typical websites, checking email, searching on DuckDuckGo, and reading the news. I also only really use one extension that would be a killer if they didn’t support it: LastPass.

Granted I am not a power user developer like probably the largest population of users today. I do have some little things here and there on accessing videos maybe, or flash content, but that is nothing in comparison to the other benefits listed here, plus the speed I am seeing. I really don’t know why the speed is not mentioned more often in this community and in articles about Brave. I haven’t run official tests, but for me and my use, it is noticeably faster than any other browser I have tried for both laptop and iPhone version.


Hi @Leo it’s surprising that I’m replying to an Opera user because I mentioned somewhere the efficiency of Opera being fantastic - the start-up of it, general speed of it and the agility of it.

One thing I find excellent as a Linux user in regards to Opera and Vivaldi is that the load from start-up aspect to every update that is managed is superb.
As I stated and you directly mentioned that Opera’s UI/UX was excellent and this was largely and greatly due to John Von Tetzchner who was the lead UI/UX person that made it perform quite crisp. He actually actually co-founded the company before left to start Vivaldi.

Hopefully the key UI/UX members at Brave can take inspiration from it after the major fixes have been made soon because not to sound rude but it doesn’t seem like any rough changes are being made.

Not to demean Brave in away though but I’ve installed Vivaldi and it is quite efficient, dare I say as efficient as Brave which I can’t honestly understand how because Vivaldi doesn’t have any blocker features to my understanding.

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Hi @Auslander you’d probably like my topic A Call for Brenden Eich and Jon von Tetzchner to meet & discuss whatever :)

What did you mean about Vivaldi is strangely proprietary and why does that make it have a narrow aperture, as you’re probably aware, he co-founded Opera beforehand and that would mean your sentiments pertain to the former Opera as well?

I honestly agreed with all the statements you put about the browsers and was smiling how accurate it would have been had I typed up something similar and the fact you quite bravely mentioned something nobody here has about the CEO being exited for want of a better expression but your other sentiments surrounding Opera’s new corporate power and Yandex was grossly unfair and very judgemental as it currently stands.

Though the sentiments would arguably be merited in rare and circumstantial cases, I think here, given that Yandex operates as a publicly traded company and if it did anything quite damaging, it would as you know face consequences on its many services (similar to Google it doesn’t just operate a simple browser) and the fact that one should beware of .ru raising trust issues is so narrow mined sorry to say.
As for Opera, we’re still to find out what the new consortium of investors wish to do with the browser.

I hope you’re not offended by my remarks :slight_smile:


Hi @cynical13 Panopticlick is supposedly sort of ‘skewed’ as mentioned in one of the below topics.

Luke once said,‘The Fingerprinting Protection feature roadmap contains milestones for further enhancement, as there’s a balancing act between having FP settings that aren’t so aggressive that they break important features, while still providing best-effort protection.’

I also included other forms if it isn’t helpful.


Hi @mikew hopefully these links are more informative for you in relation to the energy consumption issue, which is garnering more and more users unfortunately.

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It’s not an issue with fingerprinting. I have yet to see a browser that can pass that.

My issue is that the mobile browser only partially blocks tracking ads and invisible trackers and fails to block trackers that are on the “acceptable ads” whitelist, unlike UR browser beta and Firefox with a few privacy extensions.


@luke.mulks is this primarily because Brave still hasn’t implemented the blocking of 1st-party ads and cosmetic blocking yet?


Not offended at all. My reluctance to endorse anything based in Russia is a result of having been there and knowing how things work. So no, I don’t trust Yandex and I can’t apologize for that. This is not a Russophobic sentiment for I love Russia as a country, but a reflection of the realities of the Kremlin and a professional culture saturated in corruption.

China is similar. Information freedom, human rights, press freedom and the Internet are tightly bound together. China’s track record on all fronts is horrific, to say the least. Their long disregard for IPR is likewise concerning. Thus it follows that I would avoid software from a Chinese parent company.

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Look, Today I really wanted to uninstall brave, Luckily i came upon this thread.
I was not under the impression i was an early adaptor and it was still in testing phase…
So yeah, well taking in mind all above I will give it a chance. I was not very amused lately
about the sudden freezes , even crashed my whole WIN10 1709 setup, needed to reboot.
I am an ICT support engineer, you can image this happened a lot maybe 1709 version had something to do with it. Anyway, i updated today and i will keep on posting in here.
I Like brave for its built in privacy protection and minimalistic design.
Working with an ID card reader is a whole other thing = disaster, PLEASE Fix that, it does not work, i need to use EDGE for that …
So well there you have it, i’m still in with you guys, keep me posted and improve it :slight_smile:

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I for one, am not looking for a browser to replicate Chrome, FireFox or Edge or else I would just continue using them? I’m not sure what the benefit is of replacing something that works with something that doesn’t or why I would do that to begin with?

Most of my bugs have not been addressed and the browser remains unusable for me.

Lastly, I don’t think you interpreted the initial post well. Most users are not asking for tweaks, we’re asking for the user flows to make sense, the UI elements to work properly and if Brave going to introduce a plug-in can we please not assume because it works in Chrome it works in Brave? That has been far from my experience.


Seems mostly a misalignment of expectations with users and the product development phase. I just hope that people who may have tried but aren’t able to use BRAVE currently… stay informed, open-minded and optimistic for the 1.0 release with Chromium Front and Backend that will hopefully be a giant step forward.

BRAVE appears to be more in the innovator / early adopter and “early market” phase though some think it is further…


I’ll check back on BRAVE when:

  1. It can fully replace Google Chrome.
  2. Publishers are able to translate the BAT I send them into FIAT to buy perishable goods because then I’ll know Blockchain is a serious, usable technology, solves problems and it’s a serious replacement to our previous options.

Until then, good luck and thank you.


Ok I understand,
I am using your browser every day and for me it is very usable at this stage, i would like to see the scrolling be smoother, have an option to import certificates, and use my card reader.
I haven’t seen many bugs lately besides the sudden freezing of a page which happens like once in two weeks but i can’t find out why. Mostly with more than 2 tabs open.


@Numpty I fear testing Vivaldi, given it’s Go To Market proposition is as many features and feature rich as possible, to hyper customize the experience. I read that as equating complexity and I want to run away from that.

That said, your note makes me want to go and try it out.


In W-7 installations, I use multiple browsers (IE and Chrome rarely; Brave, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi more frequently), each, for different on-line activity, reserving one browser (my choice is Vivaldi) for on-line banking and other financial transactions.

I heard about Brave and first installed an early version in late 2016 / early 2017 because of privacy and ad-blocking.

Barriers to Brave being my primary browser? There’s only one: lack of user control over updating. For me, updating that I don’t / can’t control is a non-negotiable Fail. It isn’t even open to discussion. In many operational scenarios, I never open Brave.

While the concept of micro-payments to fund website publishers in lieu of advertising is appealing, use of cryptocurrency is also a non-negotiable Fail. Cryptocurrency as an option? Sure! But conventional modes of payment (e.g.: credit cards, electronic funds transfers) must be available for those who, at this moment, avoid cryptocurrency.

Beyond uncontrolled updating and cryptocurrency, there are multiple (and multiplying) bugs, but universally, these are understandable considering that Brave is free and still very much in development.

I continue to use Brave, but only for non-essential activity.

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some of the bugs are not yet fixed like.

Some videos are not playing in some websites

When you are in another application and click on a youtube video a single click it will go to full screen mode by itself

Some websites login doesn’t work like my school website and sound cloud login by google and facebook doesn’t work.



+1 on that… I also find it very limiting. I don’t want to go signup for a cryptocurrency wallet, to then get into a world that I am avoiding. What’s wrong with regular currency?


But the cryptocurrency is central to the promise of privacy and security. I understand an option for those that don’t maybe want that – but I believe there is development to have credit card payment directly through the options page for brave payments that will be funneled through crypto… best of both worlds.

FYI - I am also a bit suspicious of Uphold and opening an account there and have decided to postpone engaging in this part of the approach until there are other methods for adding payments, so I hear ya.