Too many problems with the browser



It’s such a shame that this browser is virtually unusable for the average user. It has so many problems and requires way too much “tweaking”. I’ve used the browser for only a few of days and I’ve encountered way too many issues in such a short amount of time. It’s almost like being comfortable in your bed at home and then going on holiday and realising that there are people who sleep on really terrible beds. Using this browser made me realise how much easier other browsers are to use. Users should not have to become computer engineers to enjoy a smooth-sailing browser. The thing is that people are getting fed up of the big names that now dominate this area *cough * google cough and are looking for alternatives. I really wanted to use the browser, but it’s just simply not a good browser in my opinion. In the few days I’ve used it, I’ve encountered:

  • Inability to close tabs I don’t want to use; I have to close the browser and start again
  • takes forever to switch from one tab to another
  • I had the whole “preview next tab” function, until I figured out how to turn it off (why do I need this function?)
  • browser freezing and “not responding”, requiring me to close the browser and start again
  • being logged out of websites when I close the browser.
  • inability to play videos on full screen (finally figured out I had to do some tweaking to make videos play on full screen)
  • videos on some websites just simply not playing at all (e.g., or getting a huge “access denied” on some video pages
  • pop-ups that just will not close, no matter how many times I click the “X” button. Not sure how these pop-ups managed to appear since the browser is supposed to block ads and whatnot
  • not being able to access pop-ups from pages I want pop-ups from, even after enabling pop-ups

I’ve encountered all these problems and a few more from just using the browser for 3 or 4 days. It is possible that there are fixes for some of the problems I mentioned, but to be honest, I don’t want to waste my time figuring out how to make a browser work, when I have a 300 page thesis to write. Heck, people who just want to browse the internet with not much work to do don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out how to make a browser work effectively. That’s the job of computer engineers. If the aim of the Brave team is to eventually make this browser usable by the public at large, they need to fix the usability of their browser. People shouldn’t have to turn things on and off, or follow various website links to figure out how to make a browser function effectively. I had to turn on the ability to view videos in full screen after downloading the browser (why?). Anyway, this post was not meant to offend anyone. But with a browser with this level of functionality, information should be posted on the download website that the browser is still under development. I will keep the browser on my laptop for now and use it now and then to see if improvements are being made. But for the time being, I guess I have to keep using browsers that function effectively and don’t waste my time.


Thanks for the feedback, @PlyFlower!

We did have a severe bug in our last release which could affect performance. A new patch was just released about 10 minutes ago which fixes this issue in particular

What is your current browser of choice?


Hi clifton,

Your news is well timed!

I was also experiencing serious performance issues after only a few days of being very excited about Brave. As a result, I also started switching my default browser and investing time in setting up a secure and private Firefox environment - quite a hassle to be honest.

I was just hoping that you might be able to provide a bit more description about the known performance issues so I could understand more about if some of the issues I faced are possibly addressed.

EDIT: There is some detail in the github link of the version release announcement - hopefully this addresses the experience though it does say “reproducible on current release” - does this mean problem persists or is addressed?

I am starting to keep a personal log of issues so I can provide it to you all in the interim but it was hard to see long term use of Brave with the issues I was facing (particularly an extreme lagginess and deterioration of performance when the browser was used for any moderate period of time >30 min).


UPDATE: Used Brave for a good 2+ hours tonight and it is super fast and stable so far. Very very very happy to see this. Nice job devs.


Just wanted to provide a general comment to remind people of the big picture: You talk about how you’re reminded of how easy other browsers are to use and how relatively bug-free they are. But I should remind you: they’re extremely old. Chrome is about a decade old; they’ve had a really long time to sort out bugs. Brave is still really new; it’s not even at v1.0 yet (0.20 as of the time of this writing). Even the Brave Payments section of the browser reads “BETA”. A bulk of funding and development really just came mid last year (2017); Brave existed before that, but with nowhere near the level of funding they have today to hire more engineers. Chrome came into existence off the back of a little unknown company called Google.

So of course you’re going to run into bugs; you’re at the very frontier right now—an early adopter. If you just want to be a mainstream user, then unfortunately a brand new product may not be for you (yet). Though it’s worth noting that many other users haven’t experienced nearly as many bugs as you have, so it’s simply unfortunate the way Brave happens to play with your particular computer configuration. (I am going to guess you’re running a Windows PC.)

Now, I am not discounting your experience, for I have run into several bugs as well (at least on desktop), but the team is swatting them away over time and I’ve noticed. I am just trying to keep perspective. It’s regrettable it’s not ready yet, as anything, but even a cake takes time to bake.


I have had some problems with Brave as well, but to be honest, I also have problems with Firefox and Chrome. The problems with the various browsers are not across-the-board, but occur on different specific websites, which makes me wonder if they are caused less by the browser itself than bad coding on the affected sites. I don’t think Brave has ever frozen entirely for me, although with one particular site I visit, the page will regularly freeze, and I have to reload it.

One minor annoyance is that the little X on the open tabs is not visible by default, so I have to move the mouse around to figure out where it is whenever I want to close a tab. Another thing is that pop-ups on sites that ask for my email address before I can access their content will always show up, while some, although few, that require a log-in, such as a credit card company, will not.

For now, I will continue to use Brave as my default, and hope it improves with time. I am a stubborn old so-and-so, and put a high value on my privacy.


Hi Debbie.

I’m also noticing too that I’m having to on several occasions refresh the page to load the page properly. I would have badgered them about it but they also use the browser so they have be experiencing the same issue.
That being said, when the freezing occurs for you is it when you right-click for it to appear on another tab for later viewing or is it primarily that one site that always, even when directing to it from one tab that the issue persists?

I quite like the fact the little closure x on each tabs disappears, it’s unique from the other browsers and you also get to view a bit more of the title:) Plus, correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t all the little Xs on all browser tabs on the right hand side of each tab?


That particular site freezes whenever it is open, whether I am actively viewing it, have it open on a tab in the background while I look at something else, or walk away from the computer, where I am not interacting with the browser at all. It has a Disqus forum that will not load at all while the Brave Shields is blocking ads, but when I let the ads go through, it freezes. I don’t think there is any other site I visit with Disqus that has that problem.

Now that you mention it, I have come across a couple of sites that I have to refresh to avoid being served up a totally blank page, but I have had that issue with other browsers as well.

I guess the invisible X just takes some getting used to. It bothers me most when I have a lot of tabs open where they kind of all run in together, and I forget where I am at when I want to close some of them. It’s just my general impatience waiting a fraction of a second for that X to appear. Also, while a page is loading, or reloading, I don’t think the X shows up until it has finished.


I agree with you about the x being a problem when there are many tabs open. Hopefully they pickup on this problem themselves as they test opening a 100 tabs continuously in the next set of releases.

Could you also do the team a favour @Debbie by going to Help - About Brave - and pasting the listed system information via the copy clipboard icon if the issue persists after the next release citing the websites which are a problem for the browser:)


I will have to start keeping a log of what problems I encounter, and under what conditions, so the errors can be reproduced. It is not a problem to copy my system information, and I would be glad to help, but where should I paste it to, and when?


I started using Brave on Monday this week. I am a very happy Opera user; have been for years. Moved away from Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and all those decades ago. Simply love Opera: it is functional, speedy, and I find its user experience (UI/UX) excellent.

Discovered Brave because Opera for mobile is terrible, and Sync is terrible as well… now, two and a half reasons why I am seriously considering swapping to Brave as my default browser:
(1) Speed: at least for me, the browsing feels incredibly faster than anything else out there… for both Mobile and Desktop. Maybe it is me, but I have found it to be noticeably faster than any other browser out there.
(2) Privacy: the privacy concept is interesting. It doesn’t seem that the intent of Brave is just to make a privacy browser (i.e. akin to what a duckduckgo browser would do); but also establish a BTA based system of advertisements. I still have my reservations about the latter, but if it is a way of “paying” for privacy, I’m in.
(2.5) The two shortcomings of Opera in my viewpoint, are there: Excellent mobile app and sync’ing. Unfortunately, Sync doesn’t work for me, and I am patiently waiting for Mobile/Desktop Sync.

Now, I thought of sharing my experience here, because these discussions on bugs and issues and crosses to close tabs, remind me of the days of when I was starting to use Opera: pages wouldn’t render properly, crashing, limited number of extensions, updates every month… That experience I had, has increased my tolerance for the ramp that Brave is going through. As long as (1) and (2) above are maintained above the other browsers (in my case Opera), I am willing to attempt to change my behavior and give Brave a try as a default browsing app. Keep it up, devs.


I had to go back to use Chrome personally. I did document why in the form of feedback and will mention here again quickly.

  1. metamask is unusable in BRAVE.
  2. WPBakery Page Builder for Wordpress, which would affect almost every Wordpress user under BRAVE, does not work properly, to the point of again, being unusable.
  3. Payments - it seems like the user flow for this has still not been worked out and functionally it turns it self off on occasion and does not respond to user clicks on the UI controls.

I’m still excited about BRAVE and use it for small things like this message and feedback but as a power user it simply isn’t in the shape where I can rely on it confidently to complete my daily job stories or jobs to be done.



Sure @Debbie paste it in the community making sure it hasn’t been referenced already before opening a new topic. If it is reported in a topic, state if you’re experiencing the same issue and how it’s similar or how it differs.


This is very good commentary, and we owe the writer for taking the time to post it. I can’t use Brave on an ongoing basis either…YET. I’m pulling for the team, and hoping that the final product will turn out to be stellar and change the entire Internet experience and ecosystem. In the meantime, I’ll use my other browser, but keep checking back with Brave, hoping for the best and cheering them on.


Hi @Tim they greatly and quite rapidly maintain the issues, have a look here fortnightly -

Personally, I was going to wait till all 230 odd issues in the Backlog (Prioritized) milestone were fixed but I seeing as, as of 03/03/18 the latest version is 0.21.18, I think I’m going to wait for them to release 0.23.xx considering most of the other little annoyances have been fixed.

I’ve also come to realize that a final product version can’t be achieved where everyone’s content, just yet; I think most us are happy about the introduction of the browser and what they’re working towards and have just a few pet peeves and wish for full built-in features.

What are your pet peeves @Tim and is there anything unique you’d like to see?


You took the words straight out of my mouth. Many people may want Brave to behave like the big brothers Chrome, Firefox and now Edge. But forget the primary focus of Brave is Privacy. And its default settings is bases on just that. Privacy. I too have ran into several bugs also since the inception of Brave. But by the time I could report a bug it was fixed. I fear the user may have been trying to tweak Brave to behave as other browsers. If so I understand the reason for their complaints. However such tweaks defeats the purpose of Brave and privacy. Your guess on the user running a Windows PC has nothing to do with it. It more on the users expatations. Let the cake continue to bake.


It’s far too early for much complaining and I think it’s a great start. Some of the above problems are due to pilot error, too. The one issue I can’t work around is the inability to refresh images that change but keep the same name. “Clean reload” doesn’t do the trick. I have to select “clear browsing data” then activate “Cached images and files.” Perhaps the reload icon could have an options drop-down to specify what a reload does. (I look at data from science experiment plots that update ordinary jpeg files about every 5 minutes. The file name stays the same and the old content is overwritten.)


My biggest issue is the fonts generally aren’t thick enough for me to read comfortably. I can work around a lot of the minor issues and peeves. I have multiple browsers I jump back and forth between (Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox), depending on my mood and the page(s) I’m working with at the time. Brave works for me for most general browsing, but the letters are so thin that reading for too long gives me a headache, even with my reading glasses.

I’m also a little concerned that Brave’s Android browser didn’t score better on EFF’s Panopticlick 3.0 test ( It performed worse than Firefox mobile with uBlock installed or than UR Browser mobile, and that hasn’t been updated since June or August of last year (depending on whether I’m on my phone or tablet, apparently).


I dunno, I’ve been using Brave on Windows (desktop rig), Mac (laptop) and Android and I’ve found it pretty darn great for how young it is. But hey it’s all about how you use things.

I use Brave for grad school research, and haven’t run into many problems; however most of my work is with public domain content so I don’t have to deal so often with the horrid EBSCO library sites - which are basically big, enterprise software and the thing is that big, enterprise software is big and slow and was probably originally written for Internet Explorer 6, you know the story.

I do not run into things like lockups and “slow tab switching”; this may have to do with the OP’s system specs, which weren’t posted. I am on a few-years-old MacBook Air and notice no issues, but my use case is simple - I don’t pin tabs and just set it to pick up where I left off.

My feeling is that…

Chrome, Safari and Edge are essentially data mining utilities and corporate advertisement mules. If you’re okay with that, that’s fine, no judgment; I prefer to avoid it if possible.

Opera’s new corporate parents in Qihoo 360 unsettle me a lot; anything connected with China instantly destroys trust with people who favor the free flow of information. On a junior level is Yandex’s browser - again, anything .ru instantly raises trust issues.

Vivaldi seems to have some good ideas but it’s strangely proprietary and as long as it is, it will have a very narrow aperture - moreover, they do not seem to understand the world conducts business on mobile these days. Also, its user community seems to live in a dense cloud of Smug.

Mozilla Foundation/Firefox; well, let’s just say I was pretty disgusted by how they pushed out their CEO just for exercising a First Amendment right.

So where to go? Thank goodness for Brave.


I like where Brave is in terms of development. Brave has been a life-saver on my Android phone and tablet, especially considering the only viable alternatives (Opera and Firefox) suffer from either very poor built-in ad blocker/tracking solutions or offer quite poor performance. Brave for Android offers the perfect alternative to Chrome, offering similar performance with much better security settings.

I do wish Brave did not have so many issues on the desktop though. I primarily use Brave on my MacBook Pro and the battery drain makes it so that I can only consider using it when I am plugged in. I hope that this is looked into so I can switch from Safari/Chrome, but until that time comes I simple cannot make Brave my default. I understand the company and browser is still in its relative infancy, so I will be patient and hope these fixes come sooner rather than later so I can fully make the switch to Brave.


Exactly my same experience and reasons. Brave has been outstanding, for my mundane browsing of typical websites, checking email, searching on DuckDuckGo, and reading the news. I also only really use one extension that would be a killer if they didn’t support it: LastPass.

Granted I am not a power user developer like probably the largest population of users today. I do have some little things here and there on accessing videos maybe, or flash content, but that is nothing in comparison to the other benefits listed here, plus the speed I am seeing. I really don’t know why the speed is not mentioned more often in this community and in articles about Brave. I haven’t run official tests, but for me and my use, it is noticeably faster than any other browser I have tried for both laptop and iPhone version.