Too many pop up AdChoices

All of a sudden there are too many pop up adds from AdChoices. there are enough that if we cannot reduce them, we will stop using brave at our location. They are interspersed thru-out sites within text and in headings. I’m sure this is the incorrect place to post this, but we are quite frustrated.

Which sample website is showing these popups?

fox news - go to fox news click on nashville bomb at to of page, when the page comess up, right at the top a banner add by AdChoices. they also pop up while browsing the page.

very very annoying…

I would check on a clean Brave profile, these ads are blocked normally. Unless there is an extension/program inserting them into the site.

I suspect your shields are partially, or entirely, down for this domain. When you look at the address bar while on this domain, do you see a gray Brave logo to the right?

purged browser, and reloaded, looks OK now… Thanks…

I’m not sure what you mean by “purged the browser,” in this context. I am pleased to hear that the issue has been resolved. I do want to reiterate that this was likely a shields-setting issue; I suspect you may have lowered your shields for this domain in the past. If the Brave logo to the right is gray, your shields are lowered for the active domain (the site you’re visiting). Alternatively, the shields may be up, while sub-shields (which are visible when you click the orange/white Brave logo) were down. I hope this information helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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