Too many login codes due to browser cookie management

I have my beta browser set to NOT delete cookies when my browser is shut down. I had to purchase a new computer in February. It is completely solid state and turns windows 10 on and off in seconds instead of minutes. I now turn my PC off every night. Several browser updates ago I noticed that I was having to get codes to login to many websites on a daily basis. You have mismanaged cookie maintenance somehow. I cannot continue using your browser if I am going to spend all my time getting codes by phone or email. I have no ideas for how this can be fixed.

Can you please share some specific URLs where you’re seeing this behavior? Can you also confirm whether or not you are using any extensions installed at this time?

The only extension I have is Google Translate.

Can you please try changing the Shields settings for that site to All cookies allowed and then test again to see if you get the same behavior?

my settings allow all cookies. The cookies are NOT removed when the browser is closed or on reboot. I have 3 schwab sites listed that can always use cookies.

I’m certain they will want me to get a code to sign on w/ the beta browser. tomorrow will be the test to see if the cookies were retained.


@planesman1 Check this:

Open brave://settings/autofill and make sure the features in passwwords and payments are enabled.

made sure passwords and payments were enabled. allowing all cookies. No good. I will have to get a code to login today the day after I made changes. I wouldn’t mind the codes but most of the time phone calls are not getting to me. I will use my micros**t browser exclusively for this website, I would prefer to use Brave.

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