Too many Croc adverts

way to many adverts from Croc shoes today, i must have received 10 banner notifications ( mac) please stop or ill have to turn off notifications !

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got fed up with this so ive disabled notifications for this browser

You not give more informations regarding your issue. :sweat_smile:

I agree. I get ads (notification) from Crocks at least once a day. I want to support Brave, but this is too much from the same vendor.

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what more do you need ,on the mac version of the browser every-time i change page on the web, i get several banner popups notifications for crocs shoes, i dont what else you want to know

So. You see brave ads popups advertising crocs? Or you see normal ads on websites advertising crocs? A screenshot would come in handy.

Because if those ads are not from rewards program, propably you acepted notifications from a website without knowing.

no this is brave notifications, if you dont have mac you wont see these

if i get any more ill post a screen shot but i had notifications turned off since i posted ,because it was so annoying Screenshot 2020-08-09 at 17.57.40

as there has been no useful feedback on this topic im turning off notification for brave for good, i suggest other do the same Screenshot 2020-08-15 at 22.25.23

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