Too Few Catagories Offered in Help

It seems as if Brave is discouraging HELP by limiting the catagories from which to choose. It is most frustrating and such a hidden policy degrades the excellence of the Browser itself.

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Can you elaborate more? Did you mean a categories on this site?

There are a limited number of topics to choose from in order to get help. And the predigested answers often require more information to be useful. Specifically, I have yet to be successful in synching Brave on iPhone with Brave on my MacBook Pro. Am ready to give up on the Mobile version.

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Hi @Arye, this would be the correct category for your question:

Please note that we have currently disabled Sync on the latest build of Desktop. We detected a few major bugs and have temporarily shelved the feature while we work on fixing it.

Thanks Asad.

I appreciate your response.



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