Tons of problems - i wish brave wasn't so problematic!


Hey guys, i wanted to give you some long term ( 5 months usage ) feedback on brave.
I got into brave because of it’s cryptocurrency and privacy aspects, but am finding that it’s a huge hassle to use because so many things are broken. Here’s the list of issues i’ve had:

  1. youtube embeds are broken in this browser. Many of these embeds are completely unresponsive to hitting the play button, right clicking, etc. Some youtube embeds work. Other browsers do not have this issue.

  2. Ctrl-clicking links does nothing on many web sites, so i can’t open links in another tab. This is a big problem.

  3. For many sites that seem to use javascript, i cannot scroll with the keyboard or mouse wheel. I have to manually use the scroll bar. This usually happens when the mouse is hovering over certain elements like images.

  4. The browser randomly crashes more than firefox and chrome.

  5. Sometimes sites fail to load but don’t display any error. They just have a blank tab indefinitely.

And yes, i’ve tried turning the shields on/off, tweaking privacy settings, etc. I’m still not having a good experience.

I’m unfortunately going back to firefox for now. I really wanted to like Brave, and hope it improves in the future. Just thought i’d let you know…

PS, i have windows 7 SP1 x64 and i’m using the latest version with no plugins.


Thanks for the feedback

For 1, Do you have any links where the embed videos are not working?
For 2 & 3, if you have site isolation enabled, can you try checking after turning it off?
For 4, does this happen when you visit any page or load any specific content on a page?
For 5 any specific sites that you have encountered it?

It would be helpful with these information to trouble shoot as the issues mentioned is too generic.

  1. here’s an example of youtube embeds not working.

  2. Here’s an example of a site that doesn’t scroll with the mouse or mouse wheel when the mouse is located in the center of the page…

Anyway, i turned off site isolation as you suggested. Youtube and scrolling work. I imagine that ctrl-clicking links will work. Thanks so much… i didn’t want to go back to firefox :slight_smile:


Actually opening the links you provided in new tab does allow me to play the embedded YT video and scroll when mouse is at the center of the page. You probably faced the issue due to site isolation.

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