Tokens not appearing in Browser-Preferences-Payments


I recently sent 25 BAT to my Brave browser’s “Payments” wallet.

The transaction is confirmed and visible on etherscan, but is not available in the browser.

The browser is showing the following text:

Please wait while we convert your Bitcoin to BAT.
This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, due to the Bitcoin transaction confirmation process, and will continue normally even if you quit Brave.

Which is strange considering that I didn’t pay with Bitcoin.


The issue was forwarded to the dev team.



Thanks. Any update on this? Currently the payments tab is still unusable in this mode.

Please can you help me to recover this, and to recover my tokens?


Hi @chrishobcroft

Could you please private message me the contents of your ledger-newstate.json file? Also, are you still seeing the animation (3 bouncing balls)? If so, please do not toggle payments off/on. Please leave the animation in place for now.

Also, we are currently working on fixes for the following issues - I believe one or more of them are the cause for what you are seeing. We are targeting to get these into releases very soon.

Thanks for reporting this issue and your continued patience as we work through these items. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further questions.



Also looping in @mrose and @evq


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