Tokens missing from the widget after change of month

I cannot verify myself on uphold as I am from India and India is not supported. But last month I had about 0.9 BAT tokens as seen in the brave browser widget. When october came to an end 8 days ago I saw a 0.5 BAT deduction as auto TIP thing which is fine. But my remaining 0.4 or so tokens just went missing. and the new month of november started with 0 BAT. now my question is if in the future when uphold supports india and i verify myself will those 0.4 tokens appear in the brave browser wallet plugin or not?

Did you turn off Auto contribute? If not then you can’t recover those BATs.

its not about the 0.5 tokens that went into auto contribute but the remaining 0.4 BAT tokens that should have been there in my wallet. the remaining tokens are not there

I know, so that’s what I am asking. If your Auto contribute was on, thats the culprit.

I turned it off after that happened that day

In brave://rewards-internals
In the contributions tab, do you see any history of where the BATs went ?

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