Tokens claimed but didn't credited to account

Same here, at the beginning I had the option to view the status of my payment, now everything is completely gone.

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Me to as a lot of other poeple to :frowning:


the funny thing is that of the 4 devices I use only on one I have received the payment and it is not even correct …

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Do you still have the message telling you that your bats will arrive?
Mine disapeared.
for some reason, on my laptop nothing went wrong, however, on my desktop it went wrong 3 times and then the message was gone.

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Same mine also disappeared

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For information, I Received my tokens (correctly) and went to my gemini account without any issues.

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same here, error processing human verification twice, first on the 8th and again on the 15th.

On 15th Apr, I’m again getting claim option for March BATs but whenever I tap to claim it, it shows an error massage.
Please look into this issue

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I just got today a claim button, I just did it. I hope the BAT 'll arrive on my gemini wallet

Big news, the payment notification arrived on my laptop, I made the capcha but after having exceeded it the credit does not appear in the browser or on my gemini account.

I got the same issue (but this happened Yesterday). Now the BAT icon still shows up as usual but without the claim badge/Claim button.
I also took screen shots before and after pressing the button > Error in claiming April 2022 Payout - And nothing after that
The button never appeared again since then and no BATs credited.

I had the same thing happen yesterday on 2 laptops

пт, 15 апр. 2022 г., 22:46 Doug via Brave Community <>:

I got the claim button too, clicked it… however the BAT did not arrive on my verified Gemini wallet.

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