Tokens claimed but didn't credited to account

I received notification for claiming my 2.449 march BATs. But when i clicked on claim, it loaded for 5-10 sec then it showed “something went wrong” message. Also i didn’t get the captcha.

I’m still getting a notification icon on the top BAT symbol. But whenever i tap on it, it just shows april month estimated earning.
Please look into this issue


Same problem, When i clicked the claim button it said something went wrong and now i see the notif on the brave reward icon but no Bat was credited


Same here i am having the same issue but it showed that i failed himan verification and then it shows your bats will arrive keep an eye out

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Same issue, I had claimed ~2BAT but the token is not deposited to Gemini.

OS: Windows 10 Home [Version 10.0.19043.1586]

Browser Version: Version 1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Wallet: Gemini (User name: Praveen Deivendran)


Me too. See “Congrats! Your March rewards have arrived!” but in Token balance didn’t get rewards


I didnt even recieve messgae congrats but i am still seeing keep an eye out.

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Same here.
Everything looked fine. Rewards even showed up in the in browser balance overvieuw. I went to check my verified gemini account. And nothing has arrived. And the rewards also disappeared in my browser overvieuw. :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile: But i´ve still got the congrats notification that the rewards are arrived in the browser overvieuw and it shows in the transaction history in the browser. But the don´t appear in my account balance anywhere :grin:
Hope it´s still processing and they´ll show up later… :wink:


I have the same issue, The timer of 7 days is over its says zero balance but i had 2 Bat tokens but did get nothing. it only says Congrats! Your March rewards have arrived!

Same issue here. I had 1.5 BAT, was rewarded 1.75 BAT, clicked claim, it said they were sent, still only 1.5 BAT.

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same deal, 2 days it has said rewards have arrived…

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Same here. I got the “Claim your rewards” prompt, but when completing the captcha the message “Something went wrong” appeared. Now it is only displaying the message “March rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out!”.

The Same by a lot of people, me include…

Any feedback on the problem?

report tilstand
samething here too… im new user like 2 weeks pluss or less. and first reward im getting this? makes not to a good start for new commers.

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the same here…!!!

same thing happened to me also

I’m seeing people that bind to Gemini having problem like this. Mine, I bind it to Uphold and there’s no problem regarding the reward. The amount is received in my Uphold account.

Maybe try to contact Gemini?

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what about the 0.250 they gave all of us? i think its not gemini used them before using them every month never had issues with them.

My wallet is not linked to anything.

I use uphold and am having the issue this month. First time in a year ive had an issue though.