Tokenomics and advertiser payment process


I am having a hard time finding some answers on a few somewhat specific questions, detailed below:

  • When I view an ad and receive a reward, where is this reward coming from? Is it coming from the user growth pool at the moment?
  • When an advertiser pays for a ads, I believe that they pay in fiat (or will when the growth pool expires). The fiat is used to purchase BAT on an external exchange (Bittrex I believe) and then distributed to the user. Can you please confirm or note where I have went wrong?
  • CMC is showing a circulating supply of 1,261,906,549. Where is uncirculating BAT now?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Roberto12,

IIRC, yes, from UGP. But maybe @luke.mulks or @chriscat can give a correction if I’m wrong.

Yes. They will, most likely, pay with fiat. @luke.mulks may have more info about this.

The rest is UGP.

Thanks for your response.

@luke.mulks & @chriscat two questions no one has been able to give me a very clear answer on:

1 - Can you provide any insight on how the fiat received from advertisers is converted to BAT? Is there an open market transaction (i.e., purchase the BAT on an exchange like Bittrex once a month with the ad fiat received)?

2 - Also, for ads earned this month, will they be coming from the UGP or from an actual market transaction as described above?

@eljuno still haven’t been able to generate answers for the above - any idea who else I could reach out to for more information? Appreciate your help,