Tokenomics and advertiser payment process



I am having a hard time finding some answers on a few somewhat specific questions, detailed below:

  • When I view an ad and receive a reward, where is this reward coming from? Is it coming from the user growth pool at the moment?
  • When an advertiser pays for a ads, I believe that they pay in fiat (or will when the growth pool expires). The fiat is used to purchase BAT on an external exchange (Bittrex I believe) and then distributed to the user. Can you please confirm or note where I have went wrong?
  • CMC is showing a circulating supply of 1,261,906,549. Where is uncirculating BAT now?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Roberto12,

IIRC, yes, from UGP. But maybe @luke.mulks or @chriscat can give a correction if I’m wrong.

Yes. They will, most likely, pay with fiat. @luke.mulks may have more info about this.

The rest is UGP.