Token increasing by 0.002 or 0.003

Hello, something weird just happened. The ads in the last hour increased my counter by only 0.002 - 0.003 BAT. Is someone else going through the same thing, is it a new policy or something?

Thy slashed ad revenue by 90% over night

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this happened because the developers realized that they could profit more by paying less treating us like cattle exploiting us and getting all the revenue from the profits in the ads because they know that the users are beggars and will continue using even if they receive crumbs that fall from the table

I will continue using the browser until the 5th of May to not lose what I had already accumulated, but after that date I will uninstall because I have no profit in using the brave, I am neither beggar nor cattle of the brave.

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Beggars? :rofl: That why you’re waiting until the 5h? Seriously you’re speaking for yourself, I disabled as soon as I discovered the 90% reduction, the ads are simpley not worth the annoyance

no use deactivating your donkey ads keep showing your cattle from developers

brasil 00:10 am cattle

And they were annoying and repetitive, not at all relevant, I have no interest in signing up for 50 different crypto exchanges FYI Brave

keep giving developers money while they laugh at you and run ads forcefully, with no rewarding returns, and the worst thank the developers happy as a livestock on the way to slaughter

thank you developer for taking all the profit and giving me only the crumbs I promise to defend you when the users get angry

Also if I seem salting about this rest assured it’s not because of couple of dollars a month, I “had” invested thousands of dollars in BAT which doesn’t have a feasible usecase anymore

I’m tired of arguing with cattle that defend the butcher

@steeven I guess they lowered the suggested BATs for wallet verification as they lowered the value of each ad.

Ah…yes. Brave has decreased earnings. Check this out:

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