Token Grants? How often or discontinued?

Do these still happen? I havent seen one? How often do they come up? I also switched ADs to 10 a day now, maybe that helps me earn some BAT faster. Just wish there was a way to earn more, I love the idea of giving it away to the sites I use, but if I dont earn much Im not giving much either. Anyway the grants sounded like a way to reward users, but doesnt seem to be any rewards for me at least yet?

I haven’t seen a token grant since about December. They may not be discontinued, per se, but they may be temporarily suspended.

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Thanks, hopefully we see some again soon, seem a smart move to gain word of mouth

They were stopped a while ago, around late 19/early 20, as they were no longer needed.

Thats a mistake, I get the price of BAT has gone up a ton since those days, but to get word of mouth out and really get more and more people using it, they should keep doing these till they get to a bigger user base. Also I imagine 80% of coins earned get lost or ever used, supply will decrease with just the amount of lost BAT. anyway I love Brave, love the idea, but they need better PR , more incentives, more more and more .

The token grants were used before the ads were introduced to test and bootstrap the BAT ecosystem. You were forced to use them before 90 days as they had an expiration date.
With Ads launch & BAT available to buy on exchange, grants became obsolete so they were retired. Plus they had huge fraud issues with it.


Thanks–always good to know the true backstories

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