Token BAT reset


This morning when i checked my brave account my Token BAT was reset to 0, so i thinking maybe it’s on my uphold account. But after checking, all my account are in 0 now. And no history of transaction, no pending payment…
So i have like 0.9 BAT and now come back to 0 form this morning.

How i can fix it ?

Brave version: 1.8.90

Thank you in advance.
Best regrds

Can you elaborate more about this one? :point_up: In which area you see the 0.9 BAT?

Hi, thank you for your answer,

Yesterday or before yesterday, I have this amount on my wallet like 0.9BAT, but today all are disappear. It’s for this I asked if something are wrong or no.
I cant proof because all come back to 0. Now I have 0.2 BAT from this morning.

Also, when I see all request from other peoples I can see I’m not alone on this situation.
So maybe have some bug. But me it’s ok it’s just 0.9bat but for someone it’s very big amount.

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