Today's BAT price Prediction?

Hey, I have barely seen any technical Analysis of BAT in youtube, does anyone have any targets for BAT today? any price prediction for today?

I mean have you tried to do your own research?
why copy someone else?
so if you fail to make money with someone strategy then you can shift the blame to the person you copied.
Don’t be a coward take some risk or gtfo of the BAT eco-system?
go to the inu-chiba community they got no brain and just like you are trying to make some pennies.

Man why are you triggered and burning just for a question I asked before doing research on my own. You must be having a bad day mate, get some ice…

The only reason you would want a price prediction is for financial gain, i do get triggered for brainless people trying to make a quick buck. But hey enjoy your quick cash.

Man I barely even remember what i asked, but look at you. You are so triggered man lol its so easy to burn such people. Go get a life man, so much money you make probably by doing ur own research but u arent happy you still burning, whats use of such skills if u are burning all day lol

Yea I have no money and being a brave creator I get pennies I’m so upset at my life omg someone help…

Maybe I should just quit and give e up on the BAT ecosystem.

What’s the price prediction for today?

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