Today the 9 august, i received only a small amount of my BAT on my uphold account

I start really doubting of the honesty of brave company

I participate on the affiliation program since long time

I received today at 11h00 am 22 BAt whereas i should receive around 220 , and it is now 18h and i received NOTHING

I already had one time this problem in the last and brave never sent my Bats.

Now again, and i have the screenshot

Last time i contacted Steeven, he made lots of promises and nothing has been done by brave to solve the situation whereas i respect the rules

I hope that i will not have to do an article on the social networks like YouTube to explain that issue, bécause i would not accept that this kind of situation occurs again whereas i brought many users to brave


Maybe the 22 BAT were your tips? Then the other BAT are from referrals, where you’ll get paid soon. From what I’m seeing people are receiving their tips but not BAT from referrals (including myself).

Hopefully referral payouts start happening soon


I am still waiting. It is 21h

i think it s no very professional this is company who win lot of money they need more support member if there are many many problem with brave and payment but steeven is very good but i think he s very busy because lot of message and other but me i start really doubting to because i wait my 60 bat i received nothing yet.

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I am still waiting for my BAT that i should receive yesterday for the referral program.
I didn’t receive them yet.
I received only 22 bat probably from tips and nothing from referral program.
Do some of you have the same issue ?

I hope brave is going to act honestly that time and send my bat tokens

Currently processing. Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

Thanks for your patience.