Today is 8th February, But I didn't receive any payment


Hi I am Abrarul Hoque, from Bangladesh. I have 800+ pending BAT in brave rewards account. Today is 8th February, But I didn’t receive any payment. Do I need to change my deposite currency to BAT?



Hi Abrarul, please note that it is still only very early on Februrary 8th in some parts of the world. For example, it is only about 6:20 AM in San Francisco, USA on February 8th at this time.

However, I do invite you to change your deposit currency to BAT if you like. If your default is set to another currency, please note that you will incur exchange fees immediately once the deposit is made. If you keep it in BAT, then there will be no exchange fees at the time of deposit, and you can choose to exchange it later or with another service that may have lower fees.

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