Today 9th may 2020 still I didn't get any BAT

Hey, There please help me I am waiting at 6th to +++ and today is 9th may . I’m not sure that I’ll get my BAT or not . If I’ll then when any estimate time ?

For publisher payout right? It’s still 8th in US and the payout is still in the process.

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Will the payments continue tomorrow? or do we have to wait until monday

Yes. Until all payment is finished @miniricky. It may took more times because the number of creators is growing.


No sir, I talking about my Missing rewards which I was trying to claim ! There was 24 BAT I don’t know I’ll get back or not @eljuno

I also did not receive my payout for the referral award, usually it was always 8 number

I no longer hope to receive a payment. I received it last time in February. Each time it is postponed to the next month. I won’t be surprised if it happens again again.

Then you posted in the wrong category @anik360 :sweat_smile:

All updates regarding claim error for ads earning can be found here May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

On desktop, I believe it’s still in process. And for mobile, we need to wait for a new version before we able to claim it.

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