TOBY extension [tab manager]


My favorite tab manager so far :heart:


Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll forward the suggestion to the team. Best,


I vouch for this extension. Can’t live without it!


Yes… Bookmark system is very old. Is one of most important extension for me too.


Brave is awesome, well done! TOBY is genuinely good. This is the only thing from holding me back using brave full time. Oh and please don’t sign partnership with George Darklord Sorros


TOBY is great - please add this!


I also vouch for Toby!


Same here, that would be a nice addition!


Toby is a must have for me.

I love how, with one click, I can save all my opens tabs into a session, names the sessions by date and close them so you can see them in a tiled icon view. It’s a lot easier to see what you had open when they’re all in a tiled icon layout.

When shutting down my browser for any reason, in order to preserve my open taps, I used to have to kill chrome (or FF or any other Browser) outside of the application (Task Manager or though CLI on Linux) so that it would give me the option to restore it because it wasn’t shut down properly (intentionally causing the bad shut down so I’m presented with the restore option upon power up). Well, I don’t have to do that anymore with Toby. Just that one feature alone is worth it having it.

Having a lot of tabs open is important when doing research. But each one makes your system a little bit slower and hotter (fan’s starting up).


Love love love this extension - indispensable for heavy browsing habits. For me this has become something that makes learning via web based resources orders of magnitude simpler due to the structure it brings


Vote for toby! Anxious waiting :alien:


+1!! Only extension leading me favor chrome at times.


+1 Please, add ASAP :slight_smile:


+100 :slight_smile: Please add yesterday and I’ll recommend Brave to my entire email list!


+1 would love to have this extension. this is one reason i am not able to move completely to brava


Yes please, add a tab management extension!!!


+1 for this extension, love toby


+1 for Toby - game changer!


+1 Toby is awesome, wish I could use it on Brave


+1 from me as well. Really like the features it has.