To receive bat from other brave users

How can I set my youtube account or page so that other brave user can send me his brave bat tip or rewards

Go to to create your Creator account then add your channel to verify it.

I did but then I get mail from google which was brave publisher has now access to your google account umm which kind of access ?

I don’t remember receiving a notification about that (it’s been yearss since I verified mine). But the email notification from Google (?) should show info about that. No?

cc @Mattches

This is an email from Google, not from Brave. It is the same type of email you will get from any site or service wherein you grant access to a Google account/service. This is typical – but if you want to send a screenshot of the email you got I can take a look and make sure it’s on the up-and-up?

My bad I didn’t saw it says profile access I guess which I think it’s okay