To prohibit websites from opening on their own

Add a function “message/warning that some site wants to open/open in a new tab” with a choice of allowing or disallowing the site to open

For example, I’m on the NewsDotCom site, I click somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, even just clicking on an empty field where there is nothing with no links in it, and some completely different site opens in my browser (which has nothing to do with the site I was on before) like 1X…/Chaturb… (I don’t want to write the full name of the sites)

And there are a lot of such sites, where you just browse the site and you are redirected to some completely different site or a new tab with the site itself opens. A lot of redirects to different sites, download links without stopping, then return to the site where you were is difficult.

If such a function is unrealizable then add a blacklist and in that blacklist people themselves add MANUALLY sites that they do not want them to open on their own, but to open only by permission (before some site redirects you to a site that is in the blacklist - you get a notice in pop up message that: such-and-such site (full name of the site) wants to open/open in a new tab and under it two buttons: allow and deny).

That would be an overlay being used to create pop-up ads. iOS doesn’t have the ability to do all the adblock scripts and capabilities that other OS do.

What you can do is turn on Block Scripts which will prevent it, but it might also break some things on that site, such as video players.

And this behavior you’re describing usually is on illegal streaming sites and not anything legitimate.