To make sure I dont mess up my bat brave rewards again what's the steps I should take to link the wallet and claim?

For the first time I am showing a claim in brave. I have not linked my Uphold wallet yet because I had problems with not receiving my bat and not being able to find my old bat accounts. Before I do anything and mess it up I wanted to ask what steps I do first. Please give me directions on what to do. Most people are having issues like me I have been using brave for months but never received any rewards. I still haven’t received any help either. I hsve just decided to give up and just make sure that I do it the right way this time.
So I do have an Uphold wallet already that is not linked to brave. I see the claim. Where should I start? I have read diffeent things so I’m waiting to make sure. :moneybag::8ball::moneybag::8ball:! 20210406_093031|690x371

When I try to click on verify wallet its not there only the option to claim? Do should I click on claim?

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