To increase the number of instantly-visible Top Site selections on a New Tab

The Request

Increase the number of instantly-visible Top Site selections on the New Tab.

The Proposed Solution

This is my Win. 10 PC.
Monitor is 24.5in

This is the primary request. The red space indicates where more rows of Top Sites can be dedicated, as a kind of downward extension to what already exists, such as:



Here’s another user’s sentiment, and proposed solution for the issue:

Why do I believe this is important

  • Out of sight, out of mind: I want to see my tools. The most efficient way to be reminded an asset is at your disposal is to see it.

  • Efficiency: With several iterations of pivoting required per day, I open a new tab anticipating the best means for pivoting between the tools I need.

  • Laborious: It’s tedious to click tiny dots so frequently.

  • Organized Mess: I put something in one location, and that’s where I remember it is. I’m hesitant to curate my selection because I’ve engrained a familiarity to what’s where now.

  • Habit: Top Sites remembers the last page it was on every time a new tab opens. While completely sensible, it’s the opposite of utilizing my muscle memory that would prefer landing - at least far more frequently - on a predictable, default appearance.

  • Pick and choose: I have no “Top Site”. The importance of the sites I visit are valued for different reasons, but this isn’t drastic enough for major tiers. As it stands, I’m holding back from further curating my Top Sites in a manner that makes me have to pick and choose what I want easiest access to.

Yes please! My win10, 15in screen only shows 5 sites!


Why so few votes? This is something many users have been asking


resizing the widget with freedom in both x and y directions would of course be optimal, but any additional space for more links would be appreciated


Still waiting. Main reason I am using Firefox.