To have the option to block specific ads?

I click on 99% of ads, but one I always close. To have the option to block it forever and not click and click again to disregard it would be nice.

Can you elaborate more about your issue @DbythnU?

I don’t have an issue in general. Ads get through without any problem. I click on all of them, but one. I want to have the personal option to blacklist an ad if I want to. Meanwhile I’ll keep on not supporting that one ad. Thank you.

There’s no way for you to do this at this time. We have designs/plans to implement a more comprehensive feedback feature which would include more granular controls of what ads you see/will allow to be shown.

Its important to remember that the feature is barely a month old and will require some time to fine tune and grow into itself. We appreciate your patience.

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I understand. No problem.
Thank you.

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